One of General Finance Corporation’s core values is relationships.  In its search for companies to acquire, the GFN team looks to build a mutually beneficial relationship between its company and that of the acquired.

GFN acquisitions range from the purchase of inventory only through the purchase of the entire company.  Every business transaction is different.  Every market is different.  Every brand is different.  GFN has a flexible and proven process in place for determining an initial valuation of inventory or of the business as a whole.

General Finance Corporation recognizes that confidentiality in these types of proceedings is also of paramount importance to both parties.  No information provided to us during this process will ever be divulged to undisclosed third parties.

For more information on General Finance Corporation’s acquisition process or to see if your business could be the next addition to the General Finance Corporation team, please contact Jeffrey Kluckman.

Jeffrey A. Kluckman 
Executive Vice President of Global Business Development
General Finance Corporation
(847) 272-0020